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GD Test S.r.l. a Torino based company, specializes in services in the areas of geotechnics, geomechanics and the environment in support of the design and construction of large geoengineering works. With a staff of geologists, engineers and computer scientists, GD TEST has continuously worked on sites in Italy and abroad since 1992.
GD Test S.r.l. since 2014 it has established the Paris branch, which operates throughout France and continues to support its customers in the implementation of important geoengineering projects, in particular those of the Grand Paris Express.


GD Test S.r.l. works in the following application fields:

  • Major infrastructure projects and civil engineering
  • Land use planning and urban transformation
  • Underground works, mines and quarries
  • Hydrogeological instability
  • Environment and Territory
  • Architectural conservative and restoration works