soil laboratory


Sample preparation

  • Tuninetto hydraulic extruder for undisturbed samples, 2 speeds, max press. 250bar
  • Controls electrical melter
  • Controls damp box

Geotechnical and mechanical properties

  • Matest and Controls oedometers
  • Tuninetto Shear test equipment
  • Standard Triaxial test equipment Controls, mod. Triax Digital and TRITECH50, max load 50kN
  • Controls Uniaxial load system

Physical and granulometric properties

  • Arno and Berkel and San Marco mechanical balances, FS 1-6kg
  • La Precisa electronic balance, FS 150kg
  • Regaterm, Tuninetto dryer ovens, up to 250°C
  • Set of Turinetto, Matest and Controls sieves for granulometric tests
  • Controls separator
  • Controls densimeter
  • Simex glass tools
  • Controls Atterberg limits devices
  • Controls device for sand equivalent determination
  • Controls picnometers for specific weight determination
  • Controls Proctor test equipments
  • Controls CBR test equipment
  • Controls compaction devices