geographical information systems

Laboratorio rocce
Laboratorio rocce

WEB-GIS portal configuration for geotechnical-environmental monitoring and for design support.

Integrated monitoring systems for large works

  • Real-time data from automatic sensor collection agents
  • Data base unified by equipment instrumentation type
  • Measured data processing, alarm control and reporting through dedicated portal
  • Comparison of various scenarios to support decision making
  • Confidential data access from any device

Informative systems for environmental monitoring

  • Automated data collection and integrated document management
  • Automatic integration of measuring points in mapping
  • Measurement control and managing excess of normative limits
  • Specialised thematic dashboards with guidance adapted also to mobile devices

Support for the design of large infrastructure works

  • Simulated constructions for feasibility studies
  • Management of 3D models of works in progress
  • Evaluation of environmental impact
  • Project images and survey results
  • Building surveys and BRA/BCS analyses