in situ testing and survey


Vibration monitoring, dinamic data acquisition and geophysical investigations

  • Instantel triaxial vibrometers, model Minimate, Minimate Plus and Micromate
  • Seismograph Geometrics, model Strataview R-24, 24 channels
  • Seismograph Seismic Source, model DAQ Link 2, 24 channels
  • n.2 seismographs PASI, model GEA 24, 24 channels
  • Non Destructive dynamic monitoring system based on impulse method PCB Piezotronics - Natinal Instruments
  • dynamic multichannel system for ultrasonic tomography up to 10 piezoceramic transducers 50kHz - 100MHz
  • ultrasonic equipment MAE A6000U for cross-hole investigation with n.3 motorized borehole probes (35mm) and n.2 surface contact transducers
  • equipment for reflection tomography (method TRT and TRUST)
  • Geotomographie borehole electrical source BIS-SH for P and S wave in cross-hole investigation (borehole diameter 70-120mm)
  • Geotomographie borehole receiver BGK7equipped with 6 horizontal and 1 vertical geophones
  • n.2 Ambrogeo hydrophone chaines for cross-hole/down-hole
  • Phoenix Geophysics audiomagneto-telluric system, model MTU 5-A
  • Geomative system for geoelectrical tomography model GD20 Supreme (100 channels)
  • Ambrogeo 3 channels tromograph model ECHO TROMO HVS3 equipped with a 3D geophone 2Hz
  • Proceq pachometer, model Profoscope
  • IDS georadar system model Ris MF HI-Mod I equipped with a 200-600Hz antenna

Stress and deformation monitoring

  • SiSGEO servo-accelerometric inclinometer system, model S242sv30, casing diameter
  • 54-76mm, cable lenght up to 150m
  • SISGEO spiralometric probe model S30PR120 (+/-20°)
  • SISGEO digital caliper (150mm, 1/100mm)
  • Pizzi mechanocal deformometer (1/1000mm)
  • SISGEO digital mutlifunction datalogger model Archimede
  • Vibrating wire portable reader Gage Technique, Geokon
  • Digital Indicator Encardio Rite models EDI53I–L

Hydraulic monitoring

  • automatic water level datalogger STS and OTT (0-200, 0-400 kPa)

Deformabilty and swelling properties measurements

  • ROCTEST dilatometric system, model DMP02-95 for medium-hard rock, borehole diameter 101mm, P=20MPa
  • OYO dilatometer system Elastmeter-2 for hard and weak rock, borehole diameter 60-76mm (BQ-HQ), P=20MPa
  • ROCTEST pressuremeter system model TRIMOD for soil and weak rock, borehole diameter 76mm (NQ), P=10MPa
  • Complete load plate test for rock. Plate diameter: up to 80cm, structure lenght: up to 4.3m, available load: up to 3000kN
  • Apageo Menard tricellular pressumeter system

Phisyco-chemical properties of gas, water and soil

  • WTW portable conductivity meter, model LF325-B
  • WTW portable pH meter, model LF325-B including redox probe PT4805
  • BW Technologies gas detector, modle GasAlert 5
  • electrical freatimeters
  • Controls set for soil density test by sand replacement method (diam. 6.5"" and 12"")

Topographical survey

  • Leica portable laser distometers, model Disto
  • FAE laser distometers, model LS111
  • Leica automatic total station TM1100, TCA1800, TCA2003, TM30
  • Leica system for railway and tunnel profile survey, model GRP3000
  • Leica automatic electronic level, model NA 3003, with double barcode rod

Borehole logging and inspection

  • PASI small borehole camera, model TC30, diam. 35mm, cable lenght 50m
  • Borehole logging equipment composed by:
    • Mount Sopris console, model MGXII, with SW
    • Mount Sopris ALT console, model Matrix-USB, with SW
    • Mount Sopris portable motorized winch, model 4MX-1000, with 200m of cable
    • Mount Sopris portable motorized winch, model 4MX-1000, with 1000m of cable
    • Mount Sopris probe model 2PGA-1000 for natural gamma ray, SP and SPR logging (diam.41mm)
    • Mount Sopris probe model 2PFA-1000 for temperature and conductivity logging (diam.39mm)
    • Mount Sopris probe model 2SAA-1000 for sonic full wave logging 1-30kHz, (diam.45mm)
    • ALT probe model ABI QL 40 acoustic televiewer (diam.40mm)
    • ALT probe model OBI QL 40 optical televiewer (diam.40mm)

In-situ stress measurement

  • equipment for hydrofracturing test manufactured by GD Test, model HF70. Borehole diameter 76-101mm, max pressure: 35MPa
  • equipment for biaxial overcoring test type ""doorstopper"" with incorporated camera. Boreole overcoring diameter: 76-100mm, max depth: 25m
  • Roctest equipment for triaxial overcoring test type ""CSIR"". Borehole celle diameter: 38mm, borehole overcoring diameter: 100mm, max depth: 20m
  • complete equipment for flat-jack stress measurement composed by:
    • Partner motorized sawing, model K590 (diam. 250-350mm)
    • Partner hydraulic sawing, model K3500 (diam. 350mm)
    • Comer hydraulic diamond chain cutter machine (cut depth: 400mm)
    • Partner hydraulic power pack, model HP40
    • Partenr hydraulic power pack, electrical version model HE38
    • Gloetzl-Enerpac manual pumps

Rock and concrete sampling by small depth coring

  • Comer portable electrical coring machine model EPER-02, power 2kW, drilling diameter: up to 120mm, max depth 2-3m
  • Dimas portable hydraulic coring machine, model DM406 H L, with aluminium frame, drilling diameter: 22-150mm, max depth: 6-7m

Certified on-site geotechnical tests

  • volumeter for on-site density test complete with accessories and single grain calibrated sand - CONTROLS
  • plate load test equipment including 30 ton ENERPAC hydraulic jack, rods, set of measuring comparators, series of high-rigidity duralumin plates 4 cm thick and 30-40-50-60-76 cm diameters in diameter and manual pump - NOVATEST - 700bar with precision digital pressure gauge - AEP
  • equipment for load / traction test on poles including EUROPRESS 150 ton hydraulic jacks, rods, measuring comparators manual pump - NOVATEST - 700bar with precision digital pressure gauge - AEP
  • 3000 kN load cell - SISGEO
  • digital reading unit for 3000 kN load cell - SIS Geotecnica