in situ testing and survey

Laboratorio rocce
Laboratorio rocce

Investigations, surveys and tests for geotechnical, geomechanical and hydrogeological characterization of in-situ rocks and soil.

Assessment of physico-mechanical properties and natural stress state

  • large size sampling of rock and soil
  • sampling of cylinders through die-cutting and coring
  • density and water content tests of soil (*)
  • load tests on plate on soil (*)
  • load tests on plate on rocks
  • large scale tests of compression, shear and swelling
  • pressiometric and dilatometric borehole tests
  • single and double flatjack plate tests
  • overcoring 2D (Doorstopper) and 3D (CSIR, CSIRO) and undercoring tests
  • hydraulic fracturing tests (HF and HTPF)
  • dynamic tests on structural elements

Tests and structural controls

  • sclerometric tests and Sonreb investigations
  • pull-out test
  • flat jack tests
  • "Diwidag" tie rods stringing tests
  • load and traction tests on piles and micropiles (*)
  • load tests on floors
  • pacometric and thermographic surveys
  • integrity check in foundation piles
  • ultrasonic tomography testing on masonry, columns and walls
  • borehole core sampling

Hydraulic tests

  • pumping tests and slug tests
  • Lefranc and Lugeon permeability tests
  • flow measurements with tracers and micro impeller pumps

Geophysical surveys

  • 2D and 3D seismic, electric and ultrasonic tomography
  • surfaces and boreholes Georadar (GPR) surveys 
  • vibration and noise measurements
  • sonic coring and dynamic pile testing
  • borehole logging, sonic (Full Waves), temperature, gamma rays, conductivity, spontaneous potential (SP), optical televiewer surveys (OPTV) and ultrasonic (BHTV) imaging
  • single and 2D multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW) surveys
  • audio-magnetotelluric (AMT) surveys
  • seismic face surveys of tunnels under construction


  • visual inspections of tunnel lining and structure
  • excavation profilometry and tunnel lining by means of 2D and 3D laser scanning systems
  • borehole inspections and surveys with colour television probe

(*) Test authorized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport pursuant to circular n ° 7618 / STC 2010 ART. 59 D.P.R. 380/01.