Laboratorio rocce
Laboratorio rocce

Geotechnical, hydraulic, structural and environmental measuring Data processing for the design and control of the security of the territory and the infrastructure

Geotechnical measuring and controls

  • Tunnel convergence measurements
  • Geomechanical and extrusion of excavation face surveys
  • Inclinometric, spirometric, extensometer and TDR (Time DomainReflectometry) surveys
  • Stress-strain measurements Hydraulic-hydrogeological measures and controls

Hydraulic-hydrogeological measures and controls

  • Manual and automatic measuring
  • Surveys of physico-chemical parameters of water (temperature, pH, redox and conductivity)

Structural Monitoring

  • Crack pattern inspections and preservation of structures
  • Topographical surveying and LIDAR
  • Vibration surveys and monitoring
  • Monitoring with ultrasound

Installation and setting up of monitoring systems

  • Design and preparation of monitoring systems for controlling underground works, dams, infrastructures, historical monuments, hydrogeological instability
  • Supply, installation and geotechnical, structural and environmental equipment maintenance via wireless and cable
  • Data management in real time via WEB-GIS computer platforms