soil laboratory

Laboratorio rocce
Laboratorio rocce

The laboratory is authorized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation for the execution and certification of Tests on rocks (sector B), aggregates and external tests in compliance with circular n. 7618/STC 2010 ART.59 D.P.R. 380/01.

Determination of physical properties

  • Particle size analysis for sieving and sedimentation (aerometry)
  • Atterberg and shrinkage limits
  • Natural unit weight
  • Water content
  • Specific weight of particles
  • Sand equivalent test
  • Aggregate shape and flattening indices
  • Alkali reaction test
  • Carbonate, sulfide, chloride, organic substance content
  • Inert waste disposal test for eventual removal or reuse

Performance characteristics of recycled aggregates

  • Conformity of recycled aggregates with C annexes of circular n. 5205 dated 15/7/2005

Characteristics of lime treated soils

  • Characterization of natural untreated soil
  • Incremental lime mixing treatment and subsequent performance analysis

Mechanical property characterization

  • Consolidation oedometer tests
  • Swelling pressure and index
  • Uniaxial compression strength test
  • Triaxial compression strength (UU, CU, CD)
  • Direct shear test (CD)
  • Direct permeability in triaxial and oedometer cells
  • AASHTO compaction standard and Proctor compaction test
  • CBR and IPT indices
  • Los Angeles abrasion test