Laboratorio rocce
Laboratorio rocce

Studies, consulting and design in the geotechnical and geological field.

Geological technical studies

  • Geological, geomorphological and hydrogeological surveys and data reporting on digital maps
  • Geostructural surveys and analysis of rocky outcrop
  • Analysis and processing for the geotechnical and geomechanical characterization of soil and rocks
  • Stability analysis of natural slopes and excavation faces


  • Investigation and monitoring plans during design and construction phases
  • Preliminary and detailed design of underground works (tunnels, caverns, wells and foundations)
  • Preliminary and detailed design of safety measures and stabilisation of slopes and excavation
  • Analysis and identification of excavation methods for underground works, dimensioning of the TBM and establishing of advancement procedures (PAT)
  • Analysis and identification of optimal design solutions in technical-economic terms with respect to tunnel construction bids

Applied Research

  • Analysis and industrial research on innovative systems in the geoengineering field
  • Design and dimensioning of prototypes
  • Pre-competitive development of innovative systems and applications
  • Experimentation and testing

Assistance during construction

  • Tunnel excavation face surveys and re-verification during construction of actual geotechnical characteristics of the underground formations
  • Analysis and interpretation of the investigations and monitoring data
  • Geotechnical assistance for the adaptation of the excavation methods and support of the underground works during construction
  • Supervision services of investigation surveys, monitoring activities and geoengineering construction works

Geoengineering activities are carried out by GD Test in cooperation with GEODES srl.