rock laboratory



  • CMR radialbohrer, model Invema KR35, power 2.2kW
  • diamond coring tools of various diameter (form 38mm to 150mm)
  • special diamond coring tools for dry coring of weak rock


  • Clipper electrical saw, model Major ECV3, power 4kW, diamond discs up to 500mm for different type of rock
  • set of special diamond discs (300-500mm) for weak and complex rocks


  • Cantaluppi grinding machine model MCF 300, power 3kW, sample diameter 30-120mm


  • TAPD lapping machine, power 0.55 kW, disc diameter 440mm

Physical-chemical properties

  • ALPES electrical oven
  • ELE vacuum device, model 151 for sample saturation
  • High precision balances Ohaus, Salter, Kern
  • Controls picnometers
  • Controls Dietrich - Fruling carbonate determination device

Mechanical and hydraulic properties

  • Controls hydraulic press, model C30/N. Max load 1500kN for compression test on sample up to 160x320mm
  • Roctest confinement hydraulic cells for triaxial compressive test on cilindrical samples. Diameters: 47.6, 54.7, 63.5, 86.0 mm
  • CDR instrumented frames for creep, swelling and permeability tests
  • National Coal Board Cone Indenter device for hardness test
  • CDR device for abrasion Cerchar test