equipment for rock and

aggregates certified laboratory

Specimen preparation: re-coring, cutting, grinding

  • column electrical core drilling machine (radialbohrer) CMR , model Invema KR35, power 2.2kW
  • diamond coring tools of various diameter (form 38mm to 150mm)
  • special diamond coring tools for dry coring of weak rock
  • Clipper electrical saw, model Major ECV3, power 4kW, diamond discs up to 500mm for different type of rock
  • set of special diamond discs (300-500mm) for weak and complex rocks
  • Cantaluppi grinding machine model MCF 300, power 3kW, sample diameter 30-120mm

Physical-chemical-mineralogical properties

  • ALPES electric oven
  • ELE equipment, model 151 for vacuum impregnation of specimens
  • Ohaus Salter Kern precision balance series (mechanical and electronic)
  • pycnometers and glassware of different shapes and capacities
  • Dietrich calcimeter - Fruling Controls
  • Pundit-CNS for measuring the speed of elastic compression waves "Vp" and shear "Vs" equipped with Tektronix digital oscilloscope
  • polarized optical microscope in transmitted light - NIKKON - mod. LABOPHOT-POL equipped with digital camera for petrographic-mineralogical analysis in thin section

Tests on aggregates

  • CONTROLS laboratory crusher
  • CONTROLS electromechanical sieve
  • unified series of UNI square and bar mesh sieves - CONTROLS
  • Controls equipment for determining the sand equivalent
  • complete equipment for methylene blue determination
  • 0-200mm (1/20mm) Vernier Caliper for Shape Index - CONTROLS
  • Los Angeles fragmentation resistance testing machine - CONTROLS
  • Micro-Deval wear resistance testing machine - CONTROLS
  • climatic cabinet - CONTROLS mod. 10-D1429 / D for t ° between -30 ° C and + 70 ° C and humidity between 20-95%

Mechanical and hydraulic properties

  • Controls hydraulic press, model C30/N. Max load 1500kN for compression test on sample up to 160x320mm
  • Roctest confinement hydraulic cells for triaxial compressive test on cilindrical samples. Diameters: 47.6, 54.7, 63.5, 86.0 mm
  • machine for performing direct shear tests on rocks and ROCKTEST joints including accessories and molds for incorporating the specimens
  • ENERPAC manual pump (700 bar) for managing confinement pressures during shear and triaxial tests
  • installation set for electrical strain gauges on rock specimens complete with accessories
  • apparatus for permeability tests in triaxial cells up to pressures of 3500 kPa complete with accessories - CONTROLS
  • precision digital pressure gauges - AEP Transducers
  • LVDT linear displacement transducer set - SHINKO DENSHI
  • Point Load Tester - TECNOTEST
  • CDR instrumented frames for creep, swelling and permeability tests
  • National Coal Board Cone Indenter device for hardness test
  • CDR device for abrasion Cerchar test
  • CDR column drill for Sievers perforability tests and Cerchar hardness tests
  • equipment for fragmentation tests "Brittleness Test" - CDR
  • Slake Durability Test - CONTROLS
  • equipment for abrasion resistance tests of natural stones - EMAR
  • rock hammers - CONTROLS

Internal calibration checks

  • 2.0 MN TMT calibration load cell with reading unit
  • 50.0 kN AEP Transducers calibration load cell with reading unit
  • 350 bar digital calibration pressure gauge (0.05 bar and 0.05% fs) - AEP Transducers
  • Johnson plane-parallel gauge blocks from 1 mm to 100 mm - BORLETTI