GD Test S.r.l. is a company specialized in geotechnics, geomechanics and environment, support to design and construction of large geoengineering works. GD TEST, based in Torino, works continuously in Italy and abroad since 1992, with a team of geologists, engineers and computer scientists.

GD Test S.r.l. since 2014 it has established the Paris branch, which operates throughout France and continues to support its customers in the implementation of important geoengineering projects, in particular those of the Grand Paris Express.

GD Test's main fields are:

  • Laboratory tests of soil, rocks, aggregates and water (the laboratory is authorized by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation in accordance with circular 7618/STC - sectors A and B)
  • On site tests, geotechnical, geomechanical structural and environmental surveys and monitoring
  • Geophysical, geochemical and hydrological surveys
  • Geographic information system (GIS), development of application software for handling data obtained from the investigations, tests, measurements and surveys, analyses on territorial and environmental models.

GD Test S.r.l. is certified according to:

  • Quality Management System (EN ISO 9001:2015)
  • Environmental Management System  (EN ISO 14001:2015)