Redevelopment project of the "Piodelle" bituminous shale mine in the municipality of Besano

Municipality of Besano (Varese)

July 2022

Geomechanical in-situ and laboratory testing

With the aim of the broader use and enhancement of the bituminous shist mining site called "Piodelle" in Besano (Varese), GD Test has carried out several geomechanical tests, both in situ and laboratory, regarding:

  • rock mass sampling by means of core drilling of walls, vault and pillars of the mine shafts;
  • assessment of the in situ stress and modulus of deformation using the flat jack method;
  • determination of geomechanical parameters through laboratory testing on rock samples such as bulk density, uniaxial and triaxial compressive strength (with determination od Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio), tensile strength tests (Brazilian) and direct shear tests on natural joints.