MADI - Dynamic and Integrated Automatic Monitoring

The MADI project involves the construction of an automatic wireless monitoring system for buildings, road infrastructures (bridges, tunnels, viaducts) and industrial buildings.

ARS - Autonomous Remote Sensing

ARS is a project that aims to create a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) system that allows autonomous or semi-autonomous inspection of confined spaces for the monitoring of infrastructures and tunnels.

LASMON - Landslide Smart Monitoring Network

Smart sensor network for landslide monitoring finalized to infrastructure safety and emergency management

GD Test S.r.l. adheres to the Clever innovation pole and makes its skills available to potential partners for R&D projects in line with the Strategia di Specializzazione Intelligente S3 della Regione Piemonte.
GD Test S.r.l. participated in the ARS and LASMON projects realized thanks to the co-financing of the P.O.R. Piedmont FESR 2014-2020 - AXIS I - ACTION I.1.b.1.2

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